Caroline Mustard

Since her earliest years growing up in the wilds of Cornwall in the South West of England, Caroline has been drawing and painting.

Her life during the swinging sixties in London earned her the title "Babe of the Sixties" and if you search that name you might find her as Caroline Carter, pop singer and guitarist recording with Decca Records in the mid sixties under the guidance of her then manager and friend, Marianne Faithfull.  But that was a diversion — a moonlight from Art College in Brighton, now University of Brighton Faculty of Arts, to which she returned to graduate with a degree in Fine Art, Painting.

After working in London, she moved to Toronto where she raised a family, worked for a large advertising agency and did PR for non profits. In 1980 she moved to Los Angeles to follow a career in art direction and scenic and faux painting,  finally migrating to the Bay Area.

Caroline now lives and works in the heart of Silicon Valley where she learned to paint on her iPad, going on to co-found the Mobile Art Academy in 2013— a hub for artists who use this medium, and sponsor of the Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summit (mDAC) for 5 consecutive years.  Caroline has taught others to use this medium throughout Silicon Valley.

After several successful shows of her digital work, Caroline re-visited her love of drawing and painting and now works in Gouache and Acrylics, both of which she teaches at the Pacific Art League along with classes in drawing, sketching and digital (iPad) Art.

Caroline considers her work at an art instructor symbiotic to her own personal work

"After a lifetime of doing everything except my own person al work, Iound my way back to my artistic roots when I was given my first iPad," said Caroline. " It allowed me to reinvent myself as an artist and took me back to my love of drawing as the foundation for my work.”