My passion for iPad and iPhone Art

People often ask me, "Don't you miss the feeling of 'real paint' on your hands?"

After a lifetime of getting filthy dirty with paint, to the point of almost physically poisoning myself when doing advanced faux painting and scenic painting in Hollywood 10 years ago, my answer is unreservedly NO!  Digital art is in my veins just as deeply as oil, charcoal or goache. And guess what, I can do it all with my iPad or iPhone and the amazing apps available.

I guess I've always been a rebel when it comes to matters of Fine Art. From the outset, when graduating college in the late 60s. I abhorred the path ahead of me of Bond Street galleries in London where I grew up. I hugely admired artists who had broken out of that drudgery like Andy Warhol and David Hockney, two greats of that time period. They both experimented with all types of media - Warhol with his polaroid, and most recently Hockney with his iPhone and then iPad.

Why do I love the iPad and iPhone?  Well, try going outdoors and plein air painting with oils.  You need quite a set up - not just the paints and materials, but how about the easel and chair and and and....don't forget the hat!  Then you have to find somewhere you can stand (or sit) and suffer people coming around you gawking (not their fault).

Not so me.  I travel light with my iPhone plus and my apps. I can stand middle of the pavement when something catches my eye and paint it using Art Set and do a fast color sketch. Or I can sit in the train and sketch the people I see and no one even knows I am doing it.  

As a painter I work from outside in. I am not a expressionist or fantasy painter, although I admire them hugely. My inspiration starts with something I see, and not until I have put it onto paper or onto a screen does it become something uniquely mine, in its own universe. So the iPad and iPhone are vital to me and have made it possible for me to capture life as it passes me by.

So for anyone who loves to look, who loves to draw and  paint what they see, be it in the kitchen, their self portrait, the scene outside the window or on the daily walk they take with their dog, I invite you to adopt your iPhone as your portable sketchbook and canvas.  And get a new lease on life!

Please enjoy my iPhone work herein included.

Trees on Walk: Sylvan Park Jan 2017 IPhone with Art Set

Trees on Walk: Sylvan Park Jan 2017 IPhone with Art Set

Sylvan Park trees. iPhone with ArtSet. January 2017

Sylvan Park trees. iPhone with ArtSet. January 2017

Color sketches done on walks around Sylvan Park, in Mountain View, C California, Jan and Feb 2017, using iPhone with Art Set. Follow @iPadartist04 on Twitter to see my sketches as I do them.