Why I Love Commuting with my iPhone Art Apps

Here's another BIG REASON I love my iPhone - it's my favorite sketchbook when I travel up and down Silicon Valley from San Francisco to San Jose and all points in between. And best of all, no one knows I'm sketching them - they just think I'm lost in the latest inane Facebook posts! Thanks to the wonders of digital art on your iPhone!

I'm afraid I'm a secret people sketcher. Hate being so obvious about it that it attracts attention and makes people nervous. With my iPhone and one or two apps that are great for sketching, I am all set for a terrific journey that passes in the blink of an eye.

My favorite is Paper 53, and specifically the roller tool that creates these interesting shapes, perfect for fast sketching. But others are equally good - it's just that this is the app I am most familiar with.

But I've also done lots with Procreate. You can see these to the right. Top are sketches with Paper and below sketches with Procreate. 

It takes a bit of work to get things going, but I'm super addicted to painting what I see, and love capturing different positions of people, both on the train and at the station. 

Sometimes I take photos for later development into full blown Caltrain paintings which you can see on my website under RAILWAYS.  But that's different than just being there and sketching away whenever you feel the urge.  Some are so unfinished I'd never share them, but some work out pretty well and I post them.  So I'm sharing them with you here.

I'm planning to do a free class on this for our mobileart.how online iPad art teaching website, so watch for it.  Or follow Mobile Art Academy on Facebook so you know when to expect the class.