About Caroline Mustard


Caroline Mustard is a working artist and educator living in California's Silicon Valley who uses the iPad as her fine art canvas of choice. This website specifically covers her digital work. Caroline is also co-founder of Mobile Art Academy and has online classes available at their online academy: mobileart.how.

All work shown on this site can be reproduced in the sizes and substrates listed for each.  As we are developing this website, we would appreciate direct contact for pricing of anything that interests you, or for arranging a commission.

Please contact Maria Cerrone who represents Caroline in all these matters. She will connect you up to Caroline if you would prefer to talk to her directly.

e-Mail: cerroneconsulting@gmail.com

M. 703-927-0367)

We do look forward to hearing from you! Just tap OPEN FORM below and let us know how we can help you.